Thursday, 25 June 2015

Rocku Yakiniku @ Pavilion KL

Rocku Yakiniku @ Pavilion KL is the place to be! It's located at the Dining Loft on the newly extended 7th floor of Pavilion KL (on the other end near GSC). Thanks to OpenRice lovely invite to this food tasting event, I brought my baby (7mth old) and my hubby along.

The latest crave in town is this new concept restaurant that focuses on 3 important factors to note :

Monday, 22 June 2015

TGV 1U Family-Friendly Minion Special

TGV Family-Friendly Minion Special Sessions @ 1 Utama is the place to be for family with babies/kids! To be honest, this is my first time in the past 1 year I've been to a movie theatre since I was in my 2nd trimester right up till today where my son is now 7mo.

When TGV first announced this new Family-Friendly promotion at 1U, I was anticipating to experience it with my family 1 day and today was the day hehe. I basically was waiting for "Minions" to be screened at this hall in particular. Then stumbling upon a post on Facebook and saw this Minion Special Screening, I immediately spoke to my hubby (who was at work then) and purchased the tickets online hehe ^^

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hot Star @ Setia Walk Puchong

Received a special voucher from OpenRice to go try out the Tom Yam and Black Pepper flavoured Large Fried Chicken at Hot Star outlet in Setia Walk Puchong.
This outlet is located on the 4th floor at the Grand Shanghai area where this area is like a food court on its own. Hot Star outlet is clearly visible as it's facing the side of the escalator.